Thank you for your support!


Yemaya Team - of course, especially Patrick for agreeing to join me and train me

Otentic - "an Eco Tent Experience" - for agreeing to sponsor our accommodation on our 2nd night

1610 Gym in Shepton Mallet - while I was back in the UK I had to keep up my training, outside it was far too cold, so a huge thank you to these guys for allowing me free use of the gym! Especially thanks to Sam for sorting out a routine for me! 

Ed Dale Harris 
Niall Gribben 
Carmen Steinke
Tia Kharrat
Jonathan Duffy
Ann and Dave Crowcombe
Dan Hayles
My Darling Mama and Littol Bro Zaz!
My Daling, Matt Crowcombe, my greatest support without whom I would not have the courage to do this!(Wish you were doing it with me)
Merry and Cherry Leung
Kate Baker
Isabella, Bee my dearest little sister - your generosity overwhelms me! Thank you Bee!
Tod Wakefield
Iva Stanisheva
Steph Austin
Alexandra Dragne
Claire Brooke
Marianne Weineck
Irina Ghiuzan
Yana Nanovska
Jost - my darling and dearest friend! Thank you darling!
Miss Bradbury
Stephi Chase - my twin! :)
Francesca, Chess my darling sister - your support always means so much to me! 
Anna, Dom, Robbie, Noo (my best friend) and Popsi
Mr Pang
Charlotte Stone
Aude Kawai
Naomi Stone
Ed Stables, my nomadic friend!
Greg Bailey, my favourite tutor!
Tessa Liddiard
Eleanor Lasota
Alex Bradbury, my dearest darling bestest friend! 
Chris Metcalfe
Generous donations made in the SOS Africa Shepton Mallet Shop
Dan Burton
Shaz Woodman, aka Wellies
Sarah Revill
Mark, Tan and Bear - what a wonderful little family :)
Tanika Mathur
My Canadian cousins - thank you all!
Marty Dix
Paul Bradbury - my other family
Abigail Henderson
Anonymous - Thank you! :)
Will, Carlyn and littol Dexter - next time we should all do it together! 


  1. Hi there, congrats very brave doing the trip. I recently circumnavigated Zanzibar in a kayak and am working with Patrick to do a similar trip around Mauritius starting May 16th. Let me know how it goes and safe travels.

    1. Hey Chris! :)

      Circumnavigating Zanzibar must have been amazing! Patrick is definitely the right guy to be doing this with, he has been a great trainer and will also be accompanying me. I will definitely get hold of you when I'm done and pass on any help advice. I'd love to meet you guys before you head off too.
      Thanks again for your support :)