The Preparation

One night in late February I visited Patrick Haberland. I had wanted to kayak around Mauritius since November, I'd worked out what cause I was going to do it for but knew nothing about HOW I was to achieve such a challenge.  Someone told me, that without a doubt, the man to speak to was Patrick. That was the best advice I was ever given. Although I approached Patrick with this challenge and honestly admitted to having no kayaking experience, he was still willing to give me a chance. He put together a time frame of training, discussed what I had to in preparation and so the adventure began...

Through his company Yemaya I have had the honour of meeting some great people and kayaking enthusiasts. I have also been given the opportunity to see this island in a whole new way, from the sea. The Yemaya team have been wonderful in supporting my training, each one imparting some form of wisdom from their own experiences. 

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