Saturday, 20 April 2013

Back on the Water

Monday 15th April 

After being away from Mauritius for about 3 weeks and out of a kayak for about a month my fear for the tour had grown. I arrived back in Mauritius 15 days before the tour was begin, but I was not the only one arriving in Mauritius, so to was Imelda, a cyclone that was heading our way. I was so worried that Imelda was going to interfere so much with the precious little time that I had left for training.

Patrick suggested that we aim to start training again on Monday and let's just see what the weather is doing. Thank goodness Imelda and not only swung away from Mauritius but she had also weakened. SO, on Monday afternoon after work off we went. It felt great being in the kayak again, dipping my hands in the water, feeling the wind in my hair and with every breath I took I started to feel at home again.

Although the cyclone was no longer a threat the sea was still very rough, the current was strong and we were paddling against it. Perfect training conditions in Patrick's opinion. I felt the same old aches return,  the same old blisters coming back on my hands but I kept going. It was tough but I knew again that I could most certainly do this tour and how wonderful it felt being back on the water in my red kayak. I must name it! :)

I can do this.....

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