Saturday, 20 April 2013

Part 1

Thursday 18 April 

We decided that the only form of training still to cover was firstly an idea of distance, we needed to look at covering an average of 25km a day. Secondly I needed to know how it felt to kayak two long days consecutively.

On Thursday the sea was just beautiful and calm! What a relief! Patrick and I headed out at about 9:30 in the morning and we were headed for Point aux Piment. Taking advantage of the calm sea we decided to paddle out on the other side of the reef, another opportunity for me to get used to conditions that I might face on Day 4 - Blue Bay to Riambel. It was a beautiful day indeed and reminded me just how much I love this place, it is just magnificent. I looked out at this incredible crystal blue sea and thought (as Pascal would say) "If this isn't paradise, shit I dont know what is!"
We were also so lucky to see several sea turtle and I'm even happier to report that Patrick has noticed a rise in the number of sea turtle in this area, that can only be a good thing!

We continued on to Pointe des Cannoniers where my mum's cousin, Jean met us for lunch. He works near-by at a hotel called 20 degrees Sud as a scuba diving instructor. We found ourselves a lovely little spot on this little island and sat in the sun eating lunch. How lucky we are to be in such an incredible place. Not many people can say they kayaked to a little island to have some lunch! 

Sure enough Patrick had felt that the training so far had been far too easy, he had to make it harder. So instead of continuing with the current behind us he suggested we turn back and head home against the current. It made sense and although I knew it would hurt it was right, so, off we went! 

By the time we were passing Pereybere we both run out of water, fortunately I knew Pascal lived nearby. So we pulled in and I ran up to her house where Vimi gave me two bottles of water. We continued and as we turned to corner at Cap Malheureux so the current got stronger. We passed by my home and my brother stood on the beach waving, I felt so happy to see him :) 

The last stretch was so tough. As with a half marathon of 13.1 miles, that last 0.1 miles is the toughest. Today it was those last 5km that were so tough and we just had to keep going. The whole time I could see the 'finish line' but it just could not come fast enough! We completed 26km...

What will tomorrow bring!?

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