Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beyond the Reef

Wednesday 13 March 

Today Patrick scared me a little by introducing me to the reality of the sea beyond the reef. This trip is not going to be entirely within the reef in beautiful calm blue lagoons. Day 4 (from Blue Bay to Riambel) is going to be all outside of the reef in very rough seas. We're arranging to have a boat follow us and will make the call on the day as to whether or not it's going to be safe enough. But today Patrick me beyond the reef opposite his place in Kalodyne. 

In the pictures it might not look scary but the waves were about 3ft and I have never felt so small in such a vast sea. I thought about all the people Patrick had told me about you'd done solo trip across vast  oceans and I suddenly had an enormous amount of respect for them (well more than before at least!) 

The sea is a magical place but it's strength is never to be underestimated. Children who grow up near the sea know the sea they seem to be so connected to it that they could feel it's warning before they see it. After a while Patrick just seemed to instinctively know where the next pass was that we would come back through. Any opportunity to catch some waves is always great fun. 

The weather changed just as we started paddling back, the wind picked up, the current grew stronger against us and the rain fell. Patrick seemed proud of himself, as if he'd arranged a way to make training more challenging haha! 

At least we could come back under a rainbow! :) 

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