Saturday, 20 April 2013

Keeping Up Appearances

The last thing Patrick said to before I left Mauritius to go back to the UK for 3 weeks, was...
"Of course it doesn't matter if you have to 
go back to the UK in between training for the tour 
- just make sure you keep fit!"

So as well as help Matt decorate the new SOS Africa Charity Shop (the main purpose of my visit) I was to 'keep fit'. This seemed perfectly viable until I went for my first run in the freezing cold 'supposedly SPRING' of the UK. Breathing in the cold air rendered me speechless, my throat must have 'burnt' in the freezing air leaving me coughing and speaking like a 90year old smoker! That was it, I had to join a gym!

Thank goodness for Shepton Mallet 1610 Gym, they generously offered me several vouchers to use for entry into the gym. Sam, one of the instructors who is preparing to complete an Iron Man competition, took the time to give me an induction on several machines and put together a thorough training program  for me. Cardio was important to keep up my endurance, but more important was strength. So many think that kayaking requires such great strength from your arms, surprisingly that is not entirely the case. The strength in fact has to come from your core, your tummy and of course, never underestimate the strength you gain from your mind!

So in between painting and making and decorating the new SOS Africa Shop I trained at the gym and now and then braved a run outside too :)

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